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How To Attract Your Dream Clients Using Emotional Branding.

On the blog today, we are going to talk about the one thing that has to be present in your branding in order to attract those amazing dream clients and to help generate income in your business: emotion. This is important because we want to build trust with our community.

Lead with Emotion.

One way to sell without sounding or being too much of a salesperson is by doing so with emotion. As human beings with feeling, we have an abundance of emotion within us, and being able to relay that into our business is important {to an extent, of course}. We’re always going on a wave of emotions. We are drawn to emotions. So we really want to pull people in by making them feel something.

Now maybe you’re like, “Okay, how’s my brand suppose to make people feel something?” I get that question a lot. It’s actually quite easy. And what’s really fun is that most of the time it comes from aesthetics. All the things I keep telling you aren’t the core of a brand. This is where you get to put the little sprinkles on top of your branding cake. And really bring out a personality and start pulling in your ideal client and building that trust.

Attract Emotion Through Your Photos.

The act of attracting emotion through your social media photos is something I love to do. It’s probably my number one place; through the type of font that you choose, through your colors, through the type of messaging that you have on your website, through the type of videos that you create. There are all kinds of different ways that you can really get this emotion across in your branding. But before you can get there, you have to first identify what those emotions are. 

Start with your story. 

You always have to look inward when you’re creating your brand. And what I love to do is, after you’ve really looked inward at your story, to start thinking about your audience. How do you want to connect that story to your audience? What do you want to make your audience feel when they see or hear your brand? This is really important. How do you want to make them feel?

Choose at least five words that can be used as your brand emotions.

These brand emotions can help you again create your entire brand, all of the aesthetics, the colors and the fonts. But you can always start here with what you have. Think about how you want your audience to feel.

Why Is This So Important?

Every day we’re scrolling and scrolling and scrolling online. The average time someone spends on a website is 15 seconds. So imagine, if you don’t grab their attention within 15 seconds, they’re gone. Potential clients, money, right? Gone in what could be 15 seconds. Probably even faster, if we’re scrolling through our phones, so you really want to capture them by making them feel something. And I love, again, to combine photos with my emotions. When I write a blog post, I want my audience to say, “Oh, wow! That made me really think.” Or, “Oh, that really inspires me.” Or, “I want that too.” Start identifying how you want your audience to feel. Not necessarily just the action you want them to take, although important, but getting down to the root of how you want them to feel.

Something we’re all really good at is saying, “Hey, buy this program. Sign up here. Join me here.” But what we miss out on is why your audience should care, why your audience should join you. How will that make them feel? Why your audience should tap to learn more? What will they learn? How will that better them? How will that make them feel?

Start really thinking of your people as people and start carrying that over into your branding. I promise you when you start incorporating the emotional aspect to your branding you are going to start seeing the consistent clients coming in. You become irresistible to your audience. I like to say bold and captivating. A bold, captivating, and money-making brand sounds really good to me. And it all starts with the emotional side of your business.

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